David Hoang

Our world is changing every day.  David Hoang is a revolutionized inventor and an award-winning Nail Artist with 25 years of experience.  Due to his love and passion for the nail art, he has received over 40 National and International Awards by competing around the world. David’s goal is to produce a tool that allows every nail artist you achieve and create beautiful designs with or without artistic ability with little effort. The Idea came to David Hoang during a National competition in Chicago for Designs Sculpture Nail.  David used an electric file machine to carve his design then apply color acrylic to create a Tropical Scene.  He asked himself, “What if I can create a tool that already has a design.”  It would only require the Nail Artist to create and emboss on the nail while the acrylic is still soft.  After two years of trial and error, his idea was born.There are many different designs and style in just one tool.A year after launching the 3D stamps, Chisel Dipping Ombre was born, starting out with 150 colors. Chisel Dipping Ombre quickly emerged and was accepted by the Nail Artists around the world. With over 25 years of experience David has mastered his formulation in acrylic and dip.  He has developed a formula that is so user friendly that even a non-experienced nail technician can achieve their applications with limited skills. "I wish everyone success and have fun creating art through those ten-little canvases." David

Andy Dinh

Andy Hai Dinh has been a nail artist since 2004 and is currently an educator for the prestigious Chisel Nail Art brand. He specializes in Acrylic, Dipping Powder, Structure Gel, Poly Gel, Gel Polish and Nail Art. Photos and videos of his works are on Instagram@andyhaidinh. Andy's nail technology education, relaxed approach, and innovative methods of training have made him an established consultant in the nail industry. His goal is to provide product knowledge and technical excellence to professional consumers all over the US. 

Tammy Le

Tammy Le has been doing nails since 2012.  Her work was just like most of the nails technician out there.She works 6 days a week as normal daily life, with no passion at all.April 2016 Tammy went to see the demonstration show at the local nails supply store for the first time.The show was crowded as Tammy try to squeeze in to see Master David Hoang was showings his technique. That when i have a chance to meet Mr. Hoang and right away I knew i needed help with my skill.  And he starting coaching me through the Pictures i provides to him.  And year after i was so exciting that i became Chisel Nail Art educator. Now, that I am always fully book at the nails salons,  my passions for nails is growing everyday. "My dream is to share all my knowledge and help everyone to improve and have passions through theirs skill and success."  

Tammy Le

Milan Tran

Uyen Tran has been a licensed nail artist since 2011 . She is a renown Professional in the competitive Atlanta area . Currently a creative artist representing Team Chisel. Her nail design/art conceptions are cutting edge and on the forefront of the industry’s new innovations. Follow her Instagram @milanndramey to keep up with her fantastic nail creations. 

Phong D. Tran

Phong Tran is a professional nail artist, technician, as well as an educator for a well known company named Chisel nail Art. He has been in the nail industry for over a decade. He currently specializes in the most up to date nail art, acrylic nails, dipping powder, and designs especially when it comes to the BLING!! He’s precision from shaping to putting artificial nails on is spot on. If you would like to see his amazing work you can check on his Facebook @phongtran all his photos shoots of nails as well as live video would be on there. He is the type of person that does not hide any skills and techniques He is willing to hold live videos to teach anyone learning nails all the tricks possible. Like I said before He is an educator and a great professor. His goal is to build connections with individuals and expand all of his knowledge as much as possible.

Thao Tran

Thao began doing acrylic nails in 2014 but her skills were limited. Summer of 2016, she opened a nail salon in Palm Harbor, Florida.   She was always looking to learn new techniques and trends but did not seem to improve much.One beautiful day Thao learned there was a nail show at the local supply where she normally shopped.Thao was so happy when Master David Hoang asked her to be a nail model. “This is my chance to learn” Thao told herself.From that moment, she knew that she had found the right person to be her mentor.   “This was the spark for my love and passion to create nails.   I take my time for each masterpiece for my clients. As Chisel Nail Art educator, I was trained by someone I admire. My goal is to help others to provide the best in quality and service.” Thao

Tim Tran

Tim Than has been nailing it since 2017, as do many other nail technicians. From the time he met Master David Hoang, he was taught wholeheartedly from David and moved from basic to advanced.