David Hoang

Founder & CEO


Our world is changing every day.  David Hoang is a revolutionized inventor and an award-winning Nail Artist with 25 years of experience.  Due to his love and passion for the nail art, he has received over 40 National and International Awards by competing around the world. David’s goal is to produce a tool that allows every nail artist you achieve and create beautiful designs with or without artistic ability with little effort. The Idea came to David Hoang during a National competition in Chicago for Designs Sculpture Nail.  David used an electric file machine to carve his design then apply color acrylic to create a Tropical Scene.  He asked himself, “What if I can create a tool that already has a design.”  It would only require the Nail Artist to create and emboss on the nail while the acrylic is still soft.  After two years of trial and error, his idea was born.There are many different designs and style in just one tool.A year after launching the 3D stamps, Chisel Dipping Ombre was born, starting out with 150 colors. Chisel Dipping Ombre quickly emerged and was accepted by the Nail Artists around the world. With over 25 years of experience David has mastered his formulation in acrylic and dip.  He has developed a formula that is so user friendly that even a non-experienced nail technician can achieve their applications with limited skills. "I wish everyone success and have fun creating art through those ten-little canvases." David

Hung Tran


Tuan Nguyen (Tony)

Vice President (Sales)

Phong Tran

QC Director