When it comes to forgoing in the nail salon in favor of a DIY, there are quite a few routes you can take: gel nail strips, nail polish, polygel, dip powder. Have you heard about the latest trend, nail dip powder? It’s the perfect replacement for nail polish, which is slowly going out of fashion. The dip powder is a unique technique for changing the color of your nails that has multiple benefits going your way.

One of the things that matter is the long-lasting effect this technology has. Your nails will have a perfectly-looking color for up to a month. No polish will hold on that long. The powder stays perfectly on your nails without losing its looks, which is everything we all want.

Another highly valuable point why it’s smart choosing this type is the chance to do it alone and be sure that you’re not going to go wrong or mess it up. The technique is to insert your fingers into the powder, or better said, dip them inside, and the results are spectacular.

There are a couple of downsides, though. Doing this in the beauty salon is not recommended due to safety and healthcare concerns. Another thing is that powder can’t give you that flashy look that we all love, and the artists can’t draw on your nails. However, this is done over the powder with other techniques, so it’s up to you to choose what works best.

In this article, we’re talking about choosing the right color out of the many for your needs. We’ll go over the three essentials you must know if you’re doing the powder dip at home. Read on and see what you must know before trying it on.

1. Do you feel comfortable wearing a particular color

You can find any color on the market. The nail dip powders are not highly popular, and you can go online and search for the perfect shade. Just go through the options and find the code for the color shade of the particular color you’re looking for, and order one or more bottles for you.

You can get anything from crystal white to perfect brown nails that will match your style. You can even get the blackest of the blacks and create that gothic look. If you’re not so much into the dark, go through the pinkish and reddish variants to find what suits your style the best.

It’s crucial to use the color that you feel comfortable with. Every stylist will tell you that it’s great to follow the current fashion trends, but you should never try anything on if you don’t feel like being part of that trend. Only use colors that you feel comfortable with.

2. Will it go perfectly with the outfit

Choosing the outfit goes first, and only then should you pick the nails. You can do various combinations, but always mind how things look. All styles are acceptable, and if you love something, you should be brave enough to pull it off, but be aware of the fashion rules.

Combining your outfit with the nails, hair, and even the color of your eyes may be so important that you don’t even realize how people will see you when you go out and about. That’s why you must pick the right outfit with the right nails and be sure that you’re making a perfect fashion combination.

3. What reviews say about the particular brand

It’s hard to find the ideally exact color you’re looking for in all brands. Some might have a darkish look, while others might be paler. Reviews from people that already used them can be beneficial for choosing the right brand and color.

It’s essential to know what you’re looking for, and the reviews will show you exactly that. Go through the websites containing these types of information and see what people think about various products. Read the comments, and see what will work best for your needs.

You’ll see how some people are comparing the colors between different brands and nail powder dips, and if you had the chance to try some of these on yourself, you’d know instantly what this comparison means. You’ll quickly find a suitable dip powder for you based on their information.


Nails are art. Taking care of them is something else. When you’re thinking about getting your nails done, you should know the option called powder dip. It’s entirely different from traditional nail polishing, and like everything else, it has its own pros and cons.

If you like the technology, feel free to try it, but don’t forget to find the best colors for your nails. You deserve the best, so make sure you get only those colors that will make you feel comfortable, the colors that have proven to be amazing, and those that will fit your overall look.

Source: https://www.poshbeautyblog.com/nails/2022/3/21/3-essentials-to-know-when-youre-choosing-the-best-nail-dip-powder